Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell Made The News This Past Week

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know what all 7-year-old boys know: That girls are responsible for all racism and homophobia that has taken place since the beginning of time.

They also destroy political parties.

Canada used to have two liberal parties; now there's probably about seven.

In 1993 there was a Liberal Party of Canada and there was also a Progressive Conservative Party.

The Progressive Conservative Party was distinct in having one of the stupidest names of any political party that had ever existed. Not to be outdone by themselves they would later morph into the CRAP Party.

Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney had unsuccessfully tried to destroy the PC Party several times. Then he stepped down and they elected Kim Campbell as their new leader.

Kim Campbell, artist's conception.

And destroy the PC Party she did. After the 1993 election they were reduced from a majority government down to two seats.

Since there is a lot of favoritism and patronage in Canadian government, the new Liberal regime headed by Count Dracula...

Jean Chretien

soon made Kim the consul general to Los Angeles.

Now, proving that every political party was run by globalists bent on population replacement from the 3rd World, Kim has made the news for calling President Trump a swear word...