Could #TorontoStar Do A Study On What Percentage Of Teachers Send Their Own Kids To Predominantly White Schools?

In 2017 the left wing Star did a story shaming people into sending their kids to diverse schools...

With all of the homophobia AIDS created everyone had been a homophobe at one time or another in 1993.

Rap music went mainstream in the early 1990s: There weren't any white boys in the 1980s acting black.

You wouldn't find an openly gay teen at the time.

Guys that look like Mathew Shepard wouldn't be gay in the early 1990s: They'd attract too much attention to themselves.

The first person to be openly gay at m high school would have been somebody that looked like Mathew Shepard but fat and stupid.

Blond boys, redheads, and boys with freckles made friends with minorities in grades 1 to 4, which stigmatized them. Boys that looked like Justin Bieber or Charlie Sheen wouldn't even talk to a minority.

Girls influenced what boy was friends with what boy 100%.

A few years before he made, 'Schindler's List,' Spielberg came out with, 'Empire of the Sun:' A movie about a wealthy boy with a dark complexion surrounded by poor Asians...

There were a lot of Asian boys in Spielberg's other movies to give guys with A-averages the impression that they had Asian friends when they were in elementary school.

And students flipped out as demographics changed around them.