Canada Needs A Legitimate Nazi Party

If Warren Kinsella wants to come off being all high and mighty for fighting the rise of the Nazi Party of Canada as we replace the population with the 3rd World and somehow get gay positive in so doing, then there have to be some changes.

Look at this. This is just pathetic...

I will spend the entire day tweeting to and emailing Jordan Peterson. After I apologize for all of the terrible things I said in my blog about him last week, we'll be sure to come to an agreement.

This evening I'll meet Mr. Peterson in a bar where we'll discuss the formation of a real Nazi Party.

If Jordan and I work together I will prevent him from Holocausting all of the people who use the 300 different gender pronouns.

We'll either succeed in taking over the entire world. But if we don't we'll give Jews and Muslims a reason to become POC allies with each other.

Just like how in 1990 Asian boys thought that blacks were a joke but nobody noticed that because nobody paid much attention to the Asians, Jews and Arabs have a lot of difficulty becoming POC to join hands and fight white oppression.

It's a lot easier for them in Canada after girls are disgusted with boys in elementary school and everyone's forgotten that that happened and then, by high school, we unlearn racism by exaggerating and making stuff up about Adolf Hitler.

Anyway: Look for the Nazi Party of Canada headed by Jordan Peterson and me, tomorrow.