Toronto Star's Eyewitness Account Of Holocaust Death Chambers

Original newspaper article HERE

In May of 1945 a reporter for the Star saw the Dachau gas chambers for himself and wrote:

"We opened the doors and found hundreds of blue and white striped prisoners uniforms. During the last Fortnight these Chambers had been used to fumigate murdered prisoners clothing but before that they were used as gas chambers for the prisoners themselves.

We went through a doorway in the single-story building into an office where the committee told me prisoners were received in a cordial, friendly atmosphere even to the extent of flowers on the table. Here they were given a towel and bar of soap and undressed to go to the next chamber and take a shower. The door was marked 'Brausebad,' meaning showerbath but the door was steel, rimmed with rubber.

Were Swiftly Gassed

We went through the door into another chamber equally spotless with row upon row of perforated roses in the ceiling. When the door was shut a prisoner stood under a under a hose, the gas was turned on and came through the "shower."

In 2 minutes it was over. The bodies were stripped and flung naked in a heap in an adjoining room.

The showerbath room led into another room with four furnaces.  We were in the crematorium or incinerator. They were brick constructions about 20 ft long with iron smoke pipes disappearing through a hole in the ceiling. They looked as though they could have held about a dozen bodies each at a time."

And then by the 1970s Simon Wiesenthal, himself, admitted that there never was any gassings of Jews within the borders of Germany proper.

And today, risking being called a Holocaust denier, I used the internet to find that out.