Pearl Jam Jeremy Was An Accomplished Artist

Pearl Jam's Jeremy had green eyes, brown hair, and freckles.

That's the worst complexion that you can have in grade 3.

Girls have to get over how ugly boys are: Which is largely forgotten.

As AIDS killed 30 million the Holocaust was important in teaching brown guys that these two...

loved them sine grade 1.

In grade 2 girls completely influence what boy hangs around with what boy.

When Jeremy was 7 he drew this...

When I was 7 I drew this...

After I win the election over who gets to become Hitler of Canada against Jordan Peterson and, after I have Jordan Peterson charged with counterrevolutionary terrorism and deported back to his native Cuba along with Justin Trudeau, it will be agreed upon by everyone that my painting is much better than Jeremy's.

Nevertheless, it can be acknowledged that his artwork showed much artistic merit.

The reason he could draw like that in grade 3 is because he didn't have any friends.

He wanted to be friends with a boy who looks like this...

Because girls leave alone boys who fit in who have brown hair and eyes and no freckles.

Then, after AIDS killed more than Stalin, they exaggerated and made stuff up about Adolf Hitler while flooding the country with the 3rd World.

Women, normal looking guys, and fat guys who were in high school when Seinfeld was a new show think they were gay positive.

After being a homophobe when a flu-like disease was killing homosexuals you'd have to make the argument that you couldn't care less about who was gay or straight 5 years after high school to come across as being 100% heterosexual.

One day I will send a squadron of Stuka dive bombers over to Seth Rogen's house. They will help him do home renovations for him. Yes, home renovations.

He deserves that after lying about how there's no conspiracy against white people.