My Version Of An Austin Powers Sequel

Before I became an Alt-Right blogger I wrote screenplays.

But the Jews who run Hollywood were never interested in my work so I became a rabid Anti-Semite and Holocaust denier.

Here's a sneak peak at my Austin Powers sequel...

"Hello Mr. Powers. I was reading this blog called, 'The Ugly
Hockey Sweater.' He says that boys are openly attracted
to each other in elementary school."

"I was never attracted to other boys when I was in elementary
school. Is the guy who writes that some kind of

"Probably. I clearly remember being attracted to girls."

Dr. Evil and Austin Powers in grade 3...

"I remember I used to spend hours talking about how
sexy the ladies were with my bestfriend


"No way! Dwayne was my best friend!"

"You two are both a couple of fags. I'm the guy
who writes, 'The Ugly Hockey Sweater.' I said
way too many things about the Jews 
so I got drunk this morning and
converted to Islam to stay one step
ahead of the Human Rights

"That's a pedo blog you write. I'm not a fag
or a pedo."


"Dwayne was never best friends with either of you
two losers. He was best friends with the boy in 
class who looked the most like him and then,
by grade 5, he became best friends with the
only black boy in class because all of
the Asians were attracted to him."

Then at the end of this screenplay I'm dressed as a knight riding a horse like Adolf Hitler...

And I gas both Austin Powers and Dr. Evil with Zyklon-B.

It had been the Asians and girls being attracted to Dwayne which prevented him from being best friends with either of them.

Here's comments that I got that inspired me to write this...