I'm Down In The Polls

Every poll that I did had me in the lead for who Canadians want to become Hitler of Canada.

But now this...

Tied with Stephen Harper and Jordan Peterson?

I have to publish my, 'Little Hitler Book,' to outline policies and go on a cross Canada tour.

All Jordan Peterson is offering is gassing to death people who don't use proper gender pronouns in eastern Poland. And Stephen Harper? Electing Stephen Harper as Hitler would just mean more John Baird.

Already I've outlined a comprehensive program where I will scrap Justin Trudeau's carbon tax and replace it with a plan where I send the Canadian SS out and they put John Cusack in a burlap sack and throw him down a well. Also medical experimentation on Wil Wheaton to find out what's wrong with him. Also relocating Hollywood to Madagascar. Also trying Stephen Harper and Jordan Peterson for counterrevolutionary terrorism and exiling them to Madagascar.

And, as long as that warmonger Winston Churchill doesn't attack with his giant death bombers, I can promise nobody gets gassed with Zyklon-B.