The CBC Battles The KKK!

(Cartoon from the New York Times)

To educate people to stop doing the Alt-Right as the population gets replaced with people from racist, homophobic shitholes, the CBC showed a documentary called, 'Klansville USA.'

This is just great.

After girls were disgusted with black skin (and also boys with freckles) when they were in grade 2 and everyone's forgotten that that happened, we can let more people in from Africa and they can become victims of the Klan in Ontario, Canada.

Back in the olden days South Asian guys could suffer the Holocaust and Hitler after girls were disgusted with them in elementary school.

Luckily for the CBC girls see the boys that they had hated as being heterosexual by high school.

The Holocaust was important in bringing the Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation a gay positive Iranian.

Next they should do a documentary on how Cultural Marxism is a crazy conspiracy theory.