Jordan Peterson Real Affiliations Exposed!

A shocking and revealing interview exposes the real Jordan Peterson...

This will no doubt be used by Social Justice Warriors to further educate white people to stop doing racism.

*In Canadian English the term, 'Social Justice Warrior,' translates to, 'The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.'

Recently the, 'Passionate Eye,' a CBC series which shows documentaries, featured a doc on the KKK to teach Canadians to stop doing the Klan to

Ahmed Hussen, the Immigration Minister.

At least if Stephen Harper were still the PM the immigration minister would be white. But we'd still be getting the same amount of immigrants. And liberals would still be calling Harper a Nazi.

And despite anything Jordan Peterson said in this video he is still less racist than the people in the countries we get our immigrants from:

Did it ever occur to anybody in high school in the 1990s that, after girls in grade 3 are disgusted with black skin along with other boys who didn't fit in and everyone forgot that that happened, North America and Europe are the only cultures that sexualized black men?

It probably wasn't an accident that, after all of the homophobia AIDS created, rap music went mainstream in 1990.