In The 1990s The Nazis Ruled America

How Americans Were Brainwashed Into Population Replacement

The only gay sex that was happening between two male students at my high school in 1993 was after guys who had spent hours and hours of smoking pot started humping each other.

It was cuz all the homophobia AIDS created...

Everyone in the 1980s and 1990s was a homophobe at one point or another.

Then we unlearned racism by going on and on about Hitler/Holocaust.

Which provided a lot of balance as they flooded the country with people from racist, 3rd World shitholes.

Did you even know any Neo Nazis personally in 1993? Aside from the ones you saw on TV?

Guys prove that they're straight at one time or another; or they'll assert themselves in  some other way.

In 1990 the only thing that blacks, Muslims, South Asians, Asians, and gays had in common with each other is that Adolf Hitler wanted to take over the entire world and kill all of them.

Picture of people in a subway station in Tokyo.