Fuck White People

What I'm saying in my blog...

This guy got made fun of by girls for being fat when he was in elementary school.

Now, forgetting that that happened, he's lashing out.

In grade 3 girls influence what boy hangs around with what boy 100%.

Normal looking boys who look like this...

Who were from richer families wouldn't even talk to you in grade 3 if you didn't fit in because they wouldn't want to risk getting made fun of by girls.

Pearl Jam Jeremy was the most famous teen suicide that happened in the 1990s but nobody knew what he really looked like...

He wasn't ugly. But he had green eyes, brown hair, and freckles: The worst complexion that you could have in grade 3.

What did Hitler and the Holocaust have to do with population replacement from the 3rd world?

As Godwin's Law illustrates it was Nazis and Holocaust all the time as the people in the countries we get our immigrants from are far more racist than white Canadians were in the 1980s.

A few years ago I launched a massive scorched earth policy of harassing Warren Kinsella on the internet.

I called it, 'Operation Barbarossa Part 2,' cause, you know: Hitler, Hitler, Hitler.

Warren Kinsella is known as, 'The Prince of Darkness,' of Canadian politics and has come close to running over proponents to mass immigration with his car.

Before the school boards produced a Greek Nazi in the form of James Sears he had a Montreal blogger (Girl on the Right or Right Wing Girl?) chased down for résumé fraud.

So I came along like Adolf Hitler in knights armour...

and informed him that a skinny boy from a poorer family who had green eyes, dark hair, and freckles wouldn't make it through grade 9 in my high school.

Warren Kinsella's Cultural Marxist friends hadn't bothered to tell him that the school boards and Hollywood had been killing and driving teens crazy for years to create the idea that when you flood the country with the 3rd World vibrancy happens and it becomes OK to be gay.

Going on and on about the Holocaust in high school was about teaching girls that boys who look like Wil Wheaton or George Clooney would have been friends with Kanye West in grade 3.

These three would have been friends with each other in elementary school...

Because girls would have hated all three of them.

Then, by high school, normal looking boys would want to sit in class with...

him because he had envied them in elementary school.

And girls saw the boys that they had hated as being heterosexual by the time we unlearned racism by Holocaust...

Which left boys that looked like Jeremy out in the cold.