Ending Rape Culture Through Mass Immigration

Go to university and study the rape culture on campus. You can sit in class with Algerians and East Indians and watch black people on TV.

Did the 94% white University of Ottawa have a rape culture in the 1990s? Or does the country of India have a rape culture?

You really only had 2 or 3 friends when you were in junior high school. Your friends being the people you hung around with for three hours a day, daily.

The TV show X-Files gave guys the impression that they had more friends than they actually had.

Then you learned morality by exaggerating and making stuff up about Hitler.

By high school, if you looked like Dylan Roof, you could sit in class with brown guys who felt genetically related to you as they suffered Nazism and the Holocaust.

"Scully: I just found a valley full of vampires. Do
you want to camp out tonight with me
and I'll show you?"

"I'm not going camping with you, Mulder. I already
have a boyfriend. He lives in Vermont.
Maybe I'll talk to you on the phone