Dear Warren Kinsella

The Pro-Trump, Pro-Hitler, Nazi Party of Kitchener extends its gratitude for the way that you are dealing with James Sears.

There isn't any racism when you're in grade 2 or 3: You either fit in or you don't.

After Asian girls were attracted to this boy...

They were disgusted with these boys...


Jian Ghomeshi

James Sears

Some people did really well for themselves because of the Holocaust.

Now your next assignment is to take care of Jordan Peterson.

I'm already compiling evidence against him for his involvement in the Columbine shooting...

See. This is just eerie:

The same guy?

With Jordan Peterson out of the way that only leaves me and Elizabeth May in the running to become Hitler of Canada and nobody's going to vote for May because she's far too anti-semitic.

For your service to the Pro-Trump, Pro-Hitler, Nazi Party of Kitchener after I get elected Hitler of Canada I will name a giant airship the, 'Graf Zeppelin Warren Kinsella.'

Maybe I could get Trump to ask for some of this money back and give it to me...