Canada Replaces Its Population

Canada, like America and Europe, is transitioning from a white country to a non-white. And the mantra is that everybody benefits from that.


How do white people benefit from becoming a minority?

Once I was watching a Robert Palmer video with a woman and she said with disdain: "Oh, he's got the black guys working for him."

When women start seeing the white supremacy in Robert Palmer videos that's when I join the Alt-Right.

This guy's girlfriend was probably a real bitch when he
was in high school.

After girls were disgusted with boys with brown skin (and also boys with freckles) in elementary school and everyone forgot that that happened, it was easy for educators to denazify students by high school.

For some reason we never learned anything about India or what Natives lived like 1000 years ago and high school was so Eurocentric that South Asians suffered the Holocaust.

What was on TV in 1998.