Asians Suffering From Microaggressions?

One hundred years from now an Asian girl in grade 2 is going to go to school and find herself infatuated with this boy...

Kids at that age are asexual and she won't want her friends to find out she likes him. So she'll take it all out on George Zimmerman.

Who's white when he kills a black guy but who could also be someone's POC ally at college.

And after no girls liked Zimmerman in grade 3 and he envied guys with A-averages who looked like this...

Nobody will think that he's gay by high school.

And then when we unlearn racism by Holocaust Zimmerman could ride a high because of the time Adolf Hitler wanted to take over the entire world and gas everyone and create a race of 7-foot tall blue eyed blond super soldiers.

If women weren't such over-privileged racist airheads in the first place it would have been hard for educators to work with their friends in Hollywood to give the impression that when you flood the country with people from racist, homophobic shitholes vibrancy happens and it becomes OK to be gay.