Rick Mercer Is A Fag

After the Ottawa District School Board spent years with their friends in Hollywood killing skinny goth boys, boys that looked like Pearl Jam's Jeremy, and driving redheads crazy, a gay redhead finally killed himself.

It took a lot of teen suicide to get that faggot Rick Mercer out of the closet.

And now he even says he's a faggot on TV. And he was never fired for it by the CBC. Talk about white entitlement.

I would also like to add that Toronto Star's Heather Mallick is a bitch.

Fuck you Rick Mercer you fucking faggot.

Editors note:

The previous has been a free time political broadcast on behalf of all of the people who comment on Warren Kinsella's blog.

A few years ago I saw a comment on how people who voted for Harper were all on welfare and should be outed for their racist views.

Would you like men in snappy black uniforms to go over to Seth Rogen's house to rough him up a little bit so that you can be appalled about how awful it is when they kick him in the groin repeatedly and then he cries when all of his hash is flushed down the toilet and then he gets waterboarded. Oh, and then they'll throw firecrackers at him and yell: "Dance fat boy, dance!" Maybe that could make you feel moral about yourself.

Who made fun of the unattractive South Asian girl or the girl who couldn't speak English if you were a kid in 1990?

The correct answer is Hollywood...

You're sure that Asian girls in the 1980s liked Sikhs? That makes sense after all girls were disgusted with boys who had brown skin or freckles.

As an android built on the secret Nazi base in Antarctica who was sent here to drive Warren Kinsella crazy it's hard to teach you humanoids about morality.

Educating people about morality really sucks some times because there was always some morality in Stalinist Russia or even with the bomber pilots who killed Anne Frank when she died of typhus due to Allied saturation bombing towards the end of the war.

There is too much racism and homophobia in the countries we get our immigrants from. I propose we strip Seth Rogen, Lena Dunham, and that bitch Spielberg naked, liquor them up, and then drop them in the middle of Iran. Also Richard Simmons. And Harvey Weinstein. But especially Seth Rogen.
After unlearning racism by Holocaust produced Ron Paul supporters who looked like this...

because, on a subconscious-level, women had a lot of respect for them because they had no black friends when they were in elementary school, isn't it time to deport Seth Rogen and all of his friends to Iran? Also Woody Allen. And Cher. And the entire cast of, 'Glee.'