Women's Studies Majors Are A Bunch Of Genocidal Bitches

They had a Women's Studies program when I was in university in the 1990s.

Going to a school that was 94% white was almost like the Holocaust happening again. Women lived in fear of date rape, being sexual harassed, or having TVO's Steve Paikin come on to them. They had too much White Privilege.

I don't think that girls were saying let's flood this place with Muslims because a lot of vibrancy will start happening.

The Women Studies majors did know, however, that the Indians were bisexual nudists who all spoke the same language and ran free with nature before the white man came and Holocausted them like they did to Anne Frank.

When white males Holocausted the gay Indians they hadn't invented Zyklon-B yet so many of them were killed with influenza which, like the Black Plague, was invented in China to kill Europeans.

Were there any Native tribes which got Holocausted out of existence by other Native tribes? There's probably a reason that before we unlearned racism by Holocaust education was so Eurocentric.

White people in the 1980s paid their taxes so that educators could teach their children that they were innately racist. And after girls were disgusted with boys and everyone forgot that that happened it was easy for them to do.

Women: The cause of all homophobia and racism...