Good Riddance Wil Wheaton!

When Columbine happened I was watching CNN.

They had some sort of analyst talking about it. He said that these two guys are misfits: They were sitting in class with black basketball players and they didn't fit in anymore.

The Columbine shooters were from wealthy families and their high school was whiter than mine.

In the 1990s people saw movies about John Cusack pursuing blonde women and they perceived Wil Wheaton as being a geek.

When the school boards worked with Hollywood to mess with developmental psychology they needed AIDS homophobia to give people the impression that Cusack was good-looking.

Artist's illustration of Cusack about to rape a 1980s
AIDS-era gay robot.

But today we have successfully chased the Nazi-fighter Wil Wheaton off of Twitter!

Wil was very brave in standing up to Nazis. So long after the war ended. And the only real Nazis you knew were the ones you saw on TV.

Exaggerating and making stuff up about Hitler was very important as we flooded Ontario with people from racist, homophobic shitholes. I used to be a member of the Liberal Party. And even the NDP. I'm vomiting.

Had the Columbine shooters gone to my high school and sat in class and did nothing they wouldn't get bullied for no reason.

You can get bullied for being different, being weird, or living in a bad neighborhood. Wil Wheaton may be bullied after I get elected Hitler of Canada. Also Seth Rogen. And that bitch Spielberg.

I think he's still making up for how boys who looked like him wouldn't even talk to a black person in grade 3.

But check out the material that he's got...

I don't know what Adolf Hitler has to do with flooding the West with the 3rd World.

He is important in the way Hollywood and the school boards extended childhood developmental psychology to kill the kids who had made friends with minorities 1rst to give the impression that with mass 3rd World immigration everything breaks free and it becomes OK to be gay.

Where would all of the vibrancy be if girls weren't disgusted with the first boys to befriend minorities?

And the teachers at my high school sent their kids to the whitest schools around.