Feminists Are So Hopeless They Couldn't Even Assassinate Andy Warhol

If this woman...

went to school with white people and Asians in the 1980s she wouldn't be hanging around with Asians she's be hanging around with kids who have green eyes, freckles, or wear glasses.

In 1993 the high school students who suddenly liked a brown guy would also have a lot of respect for a boy who looks like this...

Because all of his friends were white when he was in elementary school and he had an A-average.

When I started my scorched earth policy of harassing Warren Kinsella over the internet, I said that a boy from a poor family who looked liked Justin Bieber but with green eyes and freckles would have had a hard time making it through my high school. A while later I found that Pearl Jam Jeremy had that complexion. 

It must be an aspect of White Privilege that after September 11th they let even more Muslims into the country and now the mayor of London, England is a gay positive Muslim.

The CBC's Shaun Majumber must be thankful that white women want to have sex with the boys that they had hated in grade 3 as many of them see they boys that they had liked

as being gay on a subconscious-level as the teachers who taught at my school sent their kids to the whitest schools.

Shaun's dad scored with a white woman and he likes white women, too!

That's sort of like how had I gone to school with Wil Smith he would have been attracted to this boy...

in grade 3 and Asian girls were disgusted with the first kid to hang around with blacks and that's how POC allies is formed, somehow.

Why is it that Islamic terrorism was a big news story in the 1980s and then it went away during the 1990s only to come back in 2001?

Only the gay positive Muslim mayor of London could explain that.

For all of the racism and homophobia women have caused deport this bitch to Iran...