The Real Nazis Work For The Daily Kos

I was reading the website, 'The Daily Kos,' because they were talking about one of the brainwashing movies that came out when they embarked on the program of population replacement.

It said:

"Twenty-five years ago a Nazi was a sick asshole. Today, they are in the White House."

It's statements like that that make me an even bigger White Nationalist, White Supremacist, Alt-Right Donald Trump supporter. Today I am even worse than the Neo Nazi terrorist Sam Hyde...

The Nazis are not in the White House.

They are in

South Asia

the Middle East

South America

And other racist, homophobic shitholes that we get our immigrants from.

We could let the 3rd World Nazis in to continue to build an ethnic tapestry. Then, after their male children are made fun of by girls in grade 3 and everyone's forgotten that that happened, they can sit in class in high school and learn about how Adolf Hitler wanted to gas their brown asses and feel genetically related to these guys...