The Only Real Stormfag Is Sargon Of Akkad

I submitted Ricardo Duchesne's article, 'The Higher Cognitive Fluidity of the White Mind = Origins of Consciousness,' to the Sargon of Akkad sub on Reddit.

Somebody said:

"It finally happened. The Stormfags realized they could not cram their ideology into the Theory of Evolution so they developed their own. It was only a matter of time."

I said:

"After AIDS homophobia how did Canada get gay positive through mass immigration while going on and on about the Holocaust?

Hitler, Nazis, and Stormfags had an incredible sway when it came to the imagination of the public and their perception of population replacement from the 3rd World.

Was it an accident that after all of the homophobia AIDS created, rap music went mainstream in the 1990s? Were there any teens acting black in the 1980s? After girls were disgusted with boys and everyone thought that they were popular in elementary school, we unlearned racism by Holocaust. 

AIDS, teen suicide, drug addiction = Hollywood and educators have killed more than Stalin."

While there weren't any Neo Nazis at my high school, this was a movie from the CBC...