Sure, Trump May Be Hitler But...

In last week's episode of America, a Trump supporter did this...

Trump may be Hitler or a KGB agent and he may put Mexicans in cages and he may have gone to England last week to float around in the sky dressed like a giant baby, but is all of that so bad?

With California having reached 3rd World status a long time ago, doesn't the US need somebody to restore order and instill kraft durch freude back into the people?

How Does Trump Compare To His Contemporaries? 


President Rodrigo Duterte's “war on drugs,” launched after he took office in June 2016, has claimed an estimated 12,000 lives of primarily poor urban dwellers, including children. He has vowed to continue the abusive anti-drug campaign until his term ends in 2022. Throughout 2017 and the latter part of 2016, he engaged in harassment and intimidation of individuals and agencies tasked with accountability—including United Nations officials. His most prominent critic, Senator Leila de Lima, remained in detention on politically motivated drug charges.


President Tayyip Erdogan is using the state of emergency - introduced in the aftermath of the failed putsch and renewed six times since - to stifle dissent and crush his opponents.

Turkish security forces in Kurdish villages beat, threatened at gunpoint, and fired at several civilians, blocked the transfer of several wounded to the hospital, deprived residents of food, safe drinking water and sanitation.


Germans are being lied to by their government. By Angela Merkel, by their police force and even by their media. For most of 2015, many suspected as much. Those suspicions were confirmed in the most dramatic possible way in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

That night, a mob of around 1,000 migrants gathered outside Cologne’s central train station and began molesting, robbing and even raping passersby. As of January 14, 652 crimes were reported to Cologne police from that evening. Of those, 331 included alleged sexual offenses, including two rapes.

After several migrant related incidents, the people of Cottbus took to the streets on Sunday, to protest against Merkel’s migration policy.

The march was organised by Zukunft Heimat, a German community organisation, and took place throughout Cottbus, with demonstrators calling out, “Merkel must leave”, “We are the people” and “Deport!”.

It takes twelve Germans to work and pay taxes in order to fund the cost of just one migrant.

Germany has no budget for its elderly, but will spend 93 billion on migrants.