Pay It Forward

Another Hollywood brainwashing movie: This one directed at the college-aged Ron Paul supporters. As we unlearned racism by Holocaust women had a lot of respect for men that looked like

because all of his friends were white when
he was in elementary school.

In grade 3 a girl

Toronto Star's Heather Mallick

is attracted to this boy

so she takes it all out on this boy

which is soon forgotten because everyone thinks that they were popular in grade 3.

In the 1990s rap music went mainstream and dance music was played at school dances. And after having been a homophobe and a racist all that you had to do to be moral was not be Hitler.

Teens reverted back into childhood.

The boys that had gone to school with Asians were marginalized and had little interaction with the best looking blond boy in class.

After being attracted to a good-looking blond guy coming in from another school in grade 9, they took it all out on this boy

And nobody could ever do anything wrong.

People paid it forward and backward.

After everyone was brainwashed in 1990 we have to continue to pay it forward and encourage the Hollywood Jews to move to Iran.

Also all of the OSSTF teachers who sent their own kids to the whitest schools.

There's a lot of racism in Iran. And homophobia.

Seth Rogen Could Help Turn Iran Gay

As we flood the West with the 3rd World to get rid of blond hair forever, the option of mass deportation should be on the table:

-Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada will be sent back to Cuba.

-Obama and all other openly gay presidents (Clinton, Carter) will be sent to Saudi Arabia.

-Seth Rogen and Lena Dunham will be liquored up and dropped off nude in the middle of Tehran.

We'll be throwing the Middle East some vibrancy and diversity back at them.

Seth Rogen has the power to turn Iran gay.

And LGBT will be ignited in Iran when Seth Rogen gets raped.

Two weeks after his first mass raping Iranian guys will be thinking to themselves: "I didn't rape him. I'm not a gay."

And as Seth Rogen continues to be raped the men who had raped him the previous week will say: "I didn't do that! I bet Ashkan raped him. Wasn't Ashkan wearing a pink shirt last week? I bet he's a gay."

And as Seth Rogen continues to be raped there'll be a number of suicides as people blame each other for raping him the week before.

And as Seth Rogen continues to be raped somebody photogenic will kill themselves and Heather Mallick will write a story about it in the Toronto Star.

And as Seth Rogen continues to be raped the men who had raped him the previous week will continue to deny ever having raped him but begin to feel sorry for the gay who had killed himself.

And as Seth Rogen continues to be raped the Ayatollah, under pressure from Mallick and after suffering one of Rick Mercer's scathing rants, will allow the first gay pride parade.

And as Seth Rogen continues to be raped Justin Trudeau will suddenly appear in downtown Tehran waving a pride flag. Finally, they'll stop raping Seth Rogen to rape Trudeau and the whole process will go on that way until everyone in Iran is gay.