This Just In: Donald Trump Plans To Gas Little Kids With Zyklon-B

Oh, the humanity!

It turns out that people were right when they compared Trump to Hitler.

Here's the proof...

I frown on the way Trump plans to kill all of those little kids. Like Hitler did. In Eastern Poland.

When Canadians elect me Hitler of Canada I will not gas any children to death with Zyklon-B. You have my word. I will, however, build a wall around Hollywood and turn it into some kind of ghetto. The windows of the commuter train that passes through the Hollywood ghetto will be painted over so that the passengers won't be able to see the degradation taking place outside. But one day there'll be a scratch in the paint and a passenger will peer out to see Seth Rogen moving sod with a wheelbarrow from one pile to another. Rogen will trip and the wheelbarrow will fall over and five men in snappy black uniforms will quickly surround him and start kicking him until he gets up and continues on with his labours. And the passenger will say: "Oh, that's Seth Rogen: He probably deserves that-He was a terrible actor."

But I digress.