Women: The Cause Of All Homophobia And Racism

Here's a story:

It's 1989 in Kitchener, Ontario. A fat black teenaged guy doesn't fit in with athletic black guys. And he wants to become a bisexual poet.

He can move to Toronto and become a bisexual poet, after making new friends. But he can't become a bisexual poet in Kitchener, Ontario.

What's preventing him? Other black guys.

Last year Black Lives Matter crashed gay pride with these signs...

Where would gay pride be if it wasn't for the natural anti-homophobia of black people?

The way that we went on and on about the Holocaust while flooding the country with people from racist, homophobic 3rd World shitholes was also very important in teaching that girls are also some sort of force of anti-homophobia and anti-racism.

On twitter I saw a lot of women give examples of how they had too much white entitlement over clock boy.

Girls have to get over how ugly boys are. All of the girls
in his grade 3 class would have hated him at one
time or another. He'd be best friends with a boy
with brown hair, green eyes, and freckles
before falling in love with a blond nerd.

Once I was in downtown Toronto and there was this sixty-year-old guy walking down the street. He was dressed very sexually ambiguously. A black teen said to his white girlfriend: "Look at the fag walking down the street," and the girl laughed.

Do white girls like black guys because they strike them as heterosexual? How can they get away with that and be a natural force of anti-racism and anti-homophobia at the same time?

All racism and homophobia starts with girls.

Right now there's an Asian girl in grade 3 who's infatuated with this boy...

She doesn't want her friends to know she likes boys so she takes it all out on this boy...

So if you want to eliminate racism and homophobia you'd have to get rid of girls.

"Alexa: Can you dial Warren Kinsella and see if he knows whether you can get into trouble with the Human Rights Commission for starting a political party that threatens to gas women to death in eastern Poland with Zyklon-B? Oh, no wait: Don't do that. That would make me look sort of gay."