Washington Post Calls Justin Trudeau A Stupid Bitch!

The Post has long been referred to as, 'Pravda on the Potomac.' But now one of America's largest Stalinist newspapers is changing its tune.

They no doubt saw one of my blog posts where I threatened to become Hitler of Canada and gas John Cusack to death with Zyklon-B, and got scared.

Many people have become unimpressed with Justin Trudeau. His recent trip to New York had people saying: "That kid from The Wonder Years hasn't aged. Oh, no wait: It's the Prime Minister of Canada."

Here is some of the article.

I've edited it,  placing the word "Fluffhead" between Justin and Trudeau.

Justin "Fluffhead" Trudeau’s appallingly dishonest speech to NYU

As is common among sheltered men of extreme privilege, when Justin "Fluffhead" Trudeau attempts to share relatable thoughts on modern life, his words tend to expose a speaker who has no actual familiarity with social trends but has clearly been briefed to their existence. The commencement speech he delivered Wednesday at New York University is a classic study of an obliviously cloistered poseur trying desperately to feign compliance with current fashions. A belabored reference to Pokémon Go was the least of it.

Trudeau (aka: Fluffhead) — or whatever team of speechwriters and handlers who do the heavy thinking on his behalf — seems broadly aware that North America is mired in a state of intense sociopolitical polarization, and that amid all this shouting and anger, it is the role of great minds to reassert the case for virtues of free speech and intellectual diversity.