Rapist Priests Given The Boot Cuz Mass Immigration?

Once I wrote a blog post entitled, 'You thought that 500 people were gay when you were growing up,'  to little fanfare.

People didn't believe in gay marriage in the 1990s: They believed in registering sex offenders.

I grew up in the Region of Waterloo. When was the last time a guy in a van abducted a kid and raped and murdered them? When that does happen it often makes national and sometimes international news.

As the country was flooded with immigrants from the 3rd World people had an existential threat to worry about: Child rapists.

In Canada the Catholic church had a problem abusing orphans in the 1950s. I think that by the 1970s and 80s they were sorting themselves out. Is the reason priest child abuse went down cuz mass immigration? Cuz they started putting air bags in cars in the 1970s cuz mass immigration. Many doctors smoked in the 1950s; did they stop cuz mass immigration?

Who had a problem with pedophiles? Ontario in the 1980s or South Africa, Pakistan, and India today?

These people are going to show Europeans how to build a
social democracy.