How Canada Got Gay

The good-looking blond guys at my high school weren't normal.

For example, I had a friend who skipped class all the time. He was intelligent but felt that he was better off educating himself at the library. After graduation he became a monk.

Everyone paid attention to the good-looking blond guy with the highest average.

Kids stigmatize each other. Darkening the population caused the good-looking blond boys and the redhead to play with girls.

Most boys in grade 1 to 3 don't want anything to do with the opposite sex.

By grade 6 normal-looking guys who looked like this...

Would rather hang around with...

Because they found him amusing because all of the girls had hated him in grade 2.

Going to school with Asians a redhead that looked like this

Would be friends with the best-looking blond guy in class but, by high school, he'd fail to make friends with a good-looking blond guy with an A-average as they'd grow increasingly vain.

The boys who had gone to school with 1rst generation Asians were marginalized. Many of them had never been friends with a good-looking blond guy. So now some of them would make up for it by figuring out that the redhead was gay for the best-looking blond guy and, at the same time, also envied them.

When I went to Cameron Heights in Kitchener, Ontario, there was a teacher named Bruce Glebe.

He looked like this...

When I was in high school we unlearned racism by exaggerating and making stuff up about Adolf Hitler and going on and on about Nazis.

Rap music suddenly went mainstream in 1990 and blacks were cool and heterosexual.

They kept most of the blacks in General* at my high school. (*Streaming or tracking: There was Advanced, general, and basic classes).

Girls outperform boys scholastically. They were also disgusted and irritated with who made friends with minorities 1rst.

Blond, redheads, and boys with freckles interact with minorities in grades 1 to 4 whereas boys that look like Justin Bieber wouldn't even talk to them.

In Glebe's class, World Issues, we were having a class discussion on why the Soviets didn't drop the atom bomb on Germany during WW2.

I didn't want to say anything because if you question the teacher's wisdom in a bird class they'll give you a D.

But then a girl put up her hand and asked: "Why do the Americans make Stalin out to be so bad when he never used nuclear weapons on Germany?"

I said: "I don't know when the Soviets had their first A-bomb but it was probably in 1948 or 1952."

Glebe started repeating: "I'd like to see documentation on that. I'd like to see documentation on that," so I got pissed off and said: "Remember the Rosenbergs?"

Glebe saw that I was right and was embarrassed.

Before this had happened he had once looked annoyed and said: "They can't keep this Nazi thing going on forever."

Now, one day, he suddenly smirked at me and said: "Oh: The reason that they come out with all of these bird classes is to make it easier for you guys to get into university."

The reason he was smirking is because the bird classes were designed for guys to veg out. They sat in class with pretty blond women. Guys who look like this...

feelt masculine as good-looking blond guys acted vain or weird.

Normal-looking guys were supposed to flip out as demographics changeg around them as they went to university.

And the teachers at Cameron Heights sent their own kids to the whitest schools.