How Much Teen Suicide Did Holocaust Studies Cause? Was It 6, 7, 8, Or 10 Million?

When you factor in all the drug addiction it must be well over 10 million.

What Was On TV In The 1980s...


"Hitler was so crazy he thought that people were conspiring to flood Germany with immigrants until there weren't any Germans left."

"How could they have systematically gassed 6 million people
without the public knowing."

"You're black: You shouldn't even be here. By the 1990s we'll
keep most of the blacks in general and students in 
advanced will unlearn racism by Holocaust
while sitting in class with Asians and
South Asians."

"How could the Germans systematically gas 7 and 8 million
people without the public knowing?"

"In this movie the number's 10 million. The killings happened mainly in the Ukraine and Poland. While Churchill's ally Stalin killed more in peace time, we'll be asking ourselves did the German public not see all of the dead bodies?"

"White people in the 1980s paid their taxes so that the school
boards could teach their children that they were
innately racist. As we flood the country with
people from racist 3rd World shitholes
they'll become victims of Hitler and
the Holocaust after pretty girls
were disgusted with them in
elementary school."

"You couldn't be gay or a feminist in Toronto in 1990: You'd
have to move to Pakistan to do that."

"Could we just say that 30 million Jews were gassed in
Eastern Poland and another 30 million were
gassed in Germany and all of the German
school children knew that it was

"We could. I'll be sending my own kids to the whitest school as Holocausting will be important in teaching South Asian guys that white girls loved them in grade 3 and that they were friends with boys that looked like the Nazis on the SPLC's list ofAlt-Right killers."

"And women will ride a high because we're some kind of force that fights racism and homophobia."