Some Women Who Are Gay Positive Should Be Gassed With Zyklon-B

Adolf Hitler gassed many with Zyklon-B in Eastern Poland so
that history teachers could make it sound like it happened
in Germany and all the German school children saw
the dead bodies and did nothing to prevent it
from happening when Stalin
 killed more in peace time.

A few months ago I was on Reddit and I said that girls in grades 1 to 3 are only attracted to perfect-looking boys with bright hair or blue eyes. I said that I freckled and then they hated me.

It didn't go over well to the people I was arguing with. One guy told me that he was East Indian and he had a lot of female friends in grade 3.

Sure. And girls were also attracted to this boy in grade 3...

Where would teen LGBT be if girls didn't torment boys in elementary school only for some of them to grow up to think that if some of the boys that they had liked in grade 3 had sex with each other than that would be cute?

I know that I promised Warren Kinsella that when I get elected Hitler of Canada I'd do things differently from the real Hitler.

But arrest the adults who know this boy and have them gassed with Zyklon-B...