Racist News From America

Guys that look like the types of people Warren Kinsella thought had made friends with minorities in elementary school continue to murder black people.

If he went to my high school he'd sit in class with South Asian
guys who felt genetically related to him as they kept
most of the blacks in remedial.

And in more racism...

A guy wearing a MAGA hat attacked a Hispanic man, pushing him onto subway tracks...

It would be easy to blame Donald Trump for that one. But I'm just going to go ahead and blame the Jews. [insert picture of Lena Dunham here]

And in other Trump racist news...

Shania Twain has been made to apologize for saying that she would have voted for Trump. This leaves Dirty Harry, Darth Vader, and Dr. Evil as the only celebrities left who openly support him.

I promised Warren that when I get elected Hitler of Canada I plan to do things differently from the real Hitler.

But expect nightly scud missile attacks on Hollywood.

Hollywood in 2020...

I'll be drinking schnapps and watching CNN at my mountainside fortress.

Excited, I'll say: "Did that scud hit Seth Rogen's house? I hope it didn't hit Hugh Laurie's: I liked him in Black Adder. He was good before he moved to Hollywood."