Netanyahu Promises To Improve Life In Tel Aviv By Deporting Migrants!

"The plan is divided into three stages and is spread over five years, at the end of which the reality of life in south Tel Aviv and the neighborhoods will significantly improve," a statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office read.

They could come to Canada where they could create a lot of vibrancy. Their kids could go to school and fall in love with these boys

But get to play with these boys

They could benefit from how girls start dating the boys that they had hated in grade 3 by junior high school, while still having a lot of contempt for the poorer boys who had made friends with minorities 1rst.

By grade 12 they could suffer the Holocaust and the KKK and learn about how Indians get raped every time they leave the rez.

Where would white genocide and teen LGBT be if girls weren't racist in the 1rst place?