Jordan Peterson Is Being Called A Racist!

Calling people racist is ever more important for the MSM as the West is flooded with people from racist 3rd World shitholes that still have human slavery before white people get a chance to start doing the Holocaust again.

From National Review:

Canada’s most famous psychologist has mesmerized millions on YouTube, written a best-seller, and spoken to sold-out crowds on a world tour that promises not to end any time soon. Like any celebrity, he has his detractors, and some of them are trying to destroy his reputation with a single word: racist.

Kids in grades 1 to 3 lack empathy for each other.

The only way that you can get a pretty girl in grade 3 to be nice to this boy...

is because she wants the teacher to say, 'You're a good girl.'

I graduated from junior high school in 1989. My teachers from grades 1 to 3 knew that they were messing with childhood developmental psychology to flood the country with the 3rd World. But by middle school a lot of teachers were of the opinion that Canada is a white country and if you come here don't cause any trouble.

That was before society really started going on about Nazis to unlearn racism and people began morally upstaging each other.

-Why was welfare in Ontario so generous in 1990?

-Why is it that most boys born in the 1970s and '80s were almost all circumcised?

When Stephen Harper was still PM I'd see comments on Warren Kinsella's blog about how his Neo Nazi supporters were on welfare and lived in their parents basements.

It was the poorest kids and boys who didn't fit in who had made friends with minorities first.

After girls were disgusted with boys in elementary school, guys that look like Samuel Woodward rode a high...

by high school as women were disgusted with who had made friends with minorities first...

Others incurred a lot of contempt from people.

The earth started to shake when normal looking boys went to high school and decided that they like black people, while sitting in class with Asians and South Asians. And somehow America got gay positive in the process.

And in doing research for my blog I found something very disturbing...

The resemblance is disturbing

If Jordan Peterson doesn't straighten out when I get elected Hitler of Canada I'll send men in snappy black uniforms out to question him on his role in the Columbine shooting.

Also Wil Wheaton is the complete incarnation of Joseph Stalin...