Childhood Developmental Psychology 101 - Kids Stigmatize Each Other

I heard a rumour - I don't want Newsweek to quote me on it. As of yet it is still unconfirmed.

The rumour is that once every two weeks Anderson Cooper takes a Greyhound bus all the way from New York City to Toronto where the CBC's Rick Mercer is waiting for him at the bus station and they just do each other right there in public.

Now let's just say that Rick Mercer is waiting at the station for the NYC bus to arrive, only wearing some briefs. He's always met Anderson by himself. But let's say today he's with somebody else - Somebody disgusting: Like Toronto Star's Heather Mallick...

As the bus pulls in Mercer would take off his briefs. But Anderson would take one look at Heather Mallick and say, "Arousal gone," and stay on the bus.

As the bus leaves a confused Mercer would yell: "Anderson, are we still on in another two weeks?"

But what just happened there? Why did Anderson Cooper travel all the way from New York to engage in hot, passionate public gay sex with Rick Mercer only to lose his arousal?

Kids in elementary school stigmatize each other.

When I was in grade 5 boys and girls would start having romantic friendships with each other.

The X-Files mimics a relationship that takes place in junior high school...

"Scully: I just found a valley full of vampires. Do
you want to camp out tonight with me
and I'll show you?"

"I'm not going camping with you, Mulder. I already
have a boyfriend. He lives in Vermont.
Maybe I'll talk to you on the phone

Scully likes Mulder in grade 5 because all of his friends had been white and fit in and he rarely hung around with girls.

If Mulder has brown hair and eyes the first time a lot of the other boys envied him is when he gets a girlfriend. Boys like being envied but now he can't get anywhere in his relationship because he...

finds Ben funny and now becomes best friends with Wally...

Mulder, himself, wouldn't want much to do with a good-looking blond boy or a redhead because, going to school with Asians, they had played with girls and now, on a subconscious-level, are viewed as being weird or perverted.

By high school Mulder will ride a high as he sits in class with South Asians who feel genetically related to him and anti-racist girls who don't have much contempt for him because all of his friends were white in grade 3.

And the Neo Nazis just kept getting better looking every year...

And that's also where we got teen LGBT from as the school boards worked with their friends in Hollywood to give the impression that when you flood the country with people from racist 3rd World shitholes that still have human slavery while going on and on about Hitler vibrancy happens and it becomes OK to be gay.