Hitting @SethRogen's House With A Scud Missile

In an earlier blog post I made reference to how, after I get elected Hitler of Canada, there will be nightly scud missile attacks on Hollywood.

After I wrote that I had a beautiful dream...

"And in other news the newly elected Hitler of Canada has launched a series of scud rocket attacks on Hollywood. One of the rockets hit Seth Rogen's house, killing the actor."

"We now go live to the scene to talk to Rogen's best
friend, a distraught James Franco. Mr. Franco?"

"Oh, this is just too much! Why, why, why? Sure
the new Hitler of Canada kept threatening to
do this. But all of the people that he's hurt!"

"All that I can say Mr. Franco is that I'm sorry
for your loss."

"It's just not fair! I saw Seth the other day
and if I had known I would have told him:
'Dude, all of your pot plants and the thousands
of dollars of hash oil would be safer at
my place.' But now all of that 
weed is gone!"

"And tonight Rogen's friends and family are holding
a vigil at the actor's former home, searching
through the rubble for anything that they
can smoke to get high on."

"Have they...Uh...Found the body yet?"

"Oh yeah: That's right. Mr. Franco, if you're still
there, when you find the body try drying it out
and smoking that. There must be enough
marijuana residue in it to give you a buzz
and I think Seth would have probably
wanted it that way.

That's what Seth Rogen gets for lying about how there's no conspiracy against white people.