Do You Know Your Holocaust Facts? - A Quiz

Recent news in the media is that people don't know Holocaust...

This validates Rhonda Fink-Whitman's work which proved that she can easily find college students that pay $30 000+ tuition who don't know what Hitler is.

But even more people don't know that you have to be brainwashed into the vibrancy and diversity of population replacement. Exaggerating and making stuff up about WW2 Germany was important for how the school boards and Hollywood messed with childhood developmental psychology to create the idea that when you flood the country with people from 3rd World shitholes vibrancy happens and it it becomes OK to be gay.

Holocaust education is important as every year 100s of thousands of people immigrate to Canada from racist 3rd World shitholes that still have human slavery so that we can go on and on about Adolf  Hitler and they can become victims of White Supremacy.

But now, despite all of the movies, TV shows, and constant reminders to not be like Hitler, people are forgetting what Holocaust is and need constant reminders...

Everything I don't like is Hitler.

(pic from an article in the NY Times) While many people don't
know Anne Frank died of typhus, instead believing
she died by gassing or oven, she can be used
by the NY Times to encourage Trump 
to bomb Syria.

As you answer the following questions it's important for you to concentrate on how Hitler was so crazy he thought that Jews and the liberal media were conspiring to flood Germany with immigrants....


Where did the Holocaust happen?

A) Eastern Poland and the Ukraine
B) Within the borders of Germany proper.
C) In Toronto, Canada.

If you answered both A, B, and C you are correct. While Joseph Stalin killed more people in peace time, the school boards and Facing History put a lot of effort in creating the idea that when the Holocaust happened the German public knew it was happening and did nothing to stop it. This, they claimed, was to teach us empathy.

That was the only question.

As a bonus for winning you get to watch the CBC...

Shaun Majumder singing a song about how he likes 
white women. He's infusing Canada with 
vibrancy and diversity.