After Proving That There Are Only Two Genders, Jordan Peterson Claims He Dispensed With Radical Right Wingers In 4 Minutes!

"No Europeans! You didn't build that! You can't take pride in that! Now, share it with the rest of the world you lucky undeserving wretches and get overrun by the poor oppressed browns!" - Jordan Peterson:

It's from a Youtube vid called, 'Jordan Peterson OBLITERATES Ricardo Duchesne.' Seriously.

No! Just no! Jordan Peterson cannot be against the 300 different genders without being part of the Neo Nazi pro-Hitler Alt-Right.

Just like me, Ricardo Duchesne, and Sam Hyde....

It was decreed that way by the school boards and Hollywood when we unlearned racism by Holocaust while people came here in droves from racist 3rd World shitholes that still have human slavery so that they could become victims of Nazis and Adolf Hitler.

Where would Jordan Peterson's 300 different genders be if teens hadn't asserted themselves to be moral or cool when studying not to be like Hitler?

After being in love with this boy in middle school...

Many chose the easy way to heterosexuality by pretending that they were black.

After all of the Homophobia AIDS created was it a coincidence that rap music suddenly went mainstream in 1990?

AIDS having had killed more than Stalin did.

I think Jordan Peterson owes Nazis an apology.

Also Warren Kinsella does, too.

Because Nazis is how everyone learned morality.

I'm not saying everything Hitler did was right.

In fact, when I become Hitler of Canada I promise to do things differently:

Men in snappy black uniforms will go to Seth Rogen's and Lena Dunham's houses to happily inform them that they've just won a free vacation to a wonderful resort on Baffin Island and they'll like it so much they won't want to leave.

It will be a small lie. The resort will only be three star.

But if that mad man Churchill attacks with his giant death bombers I'll probably just gas them to death with Zyklon-B.

After all, Stalin killed millions more in peace time. I'll  be like Canada doesn't have the resources to fight Bolshevism and Churchill's giant death bombers at the same time: I just don't have a square to spare.