Somebody Admits That They Like My Blog!

"hey! i just gotta say. i am so surprised that people don't understand what you're getting at. i think the stuff you write is hilarious and subversive and has a lot of fascinating points. As a victim of the ontario school system I can see you know exactly what you're talking about. thing is i'm also gay but i completely agree that they are brainwashing kids through child psychology to become cuckold fags. and just like you say in your blog none of the boys cared that i was gay because i still acted like a dude and didn't tell them they sucked for being hetero. it was all the girls who were the worst racist, homophobic pieces of shit and manipulated other guys to beat up and bully other kids.

just want you to know i completely understand your premise. thanks for great insights and some great belly laughs."

He asked to remain anonymous, though.