Rhonda Fink-Whitman Is A Fat, Disgusting Jew

I was born in a town founded by Germans. My sister in law is Native.

My dad died when I was 9 and my mom is a schizophrenic. She was born in Nazi Germany and there's no schizophrenia in our family history.

My life was directly effected by WW2.

I discussed the whole thing with Warren Kinsella when I harassed him over the internet.

In elementary school redheads, blonds, and boys with dark hair/freckles make friends with minorities first.

This is what happened to me when we unlearned racism by Holocaust.

"I'm a fat, disgusting Jew. I can find students who pay
$30 000 tuition who don't know who Hitler

I wasn't a complete Anti-Semite when I first started harassing Warren Kinsella on the internet. But you get more conservative as you get older.

I would just like to say: "Fuck you," to the Jewish community.

As the government asks itself what to do with returning ISIS fighters I say give them jobs in Hollywood with Spielberg, Harvey Weinstein, and Larry David so that they can become POC allies with them.

If Jian Ghomeshi had gone to my high school all of his friends would have been white. You should ask Warren Kinsella about that and ask Rhonda Fink-Whitman what happened to boys like Pearl Jam's Jeremy?