Reinventing Hitler For The 21rst Century

Yesterday I turned on the TV and saw Doug Ford saying of Kathleen Wynne:

"She destroyed the province but I like her as a person."

It's becoming ever more clear that soon Canadians will elect me Hitler of Canada.

I've argued with people on Reddit to get a good read of what the public's opinions are. But so far I haven't published a little Hitler book full of election promises.

I admit that the original Hitler made some mistakes. I plan to do things differently.

Only Jewish people who work in the entertainment industry will be resettled in the east ('resettled in the east' is code words for they'll be liquored up and dropped off naked by helicopter in Iran).

Also guys that I've argued with who think they were bestfriends with popular girls ever since grade 3 will be given jobs manufacturing V-2 rockets in an underground salt mine to rain down upon London.

...and soon V-2 rocket attacks will be up after I get elected Hitler of Canada.