Dear Warren Kinsella,

I'd just like to report that recently I went into a McDonald's for their addictive coffee.

Somebody at a table was scowling at me. It was a elderly black woman wearing a Confederate flag cap.

I am serious.

She didn't move to Ontario, Canada from Jamaica to become a victim of Adolf Hitler. She moved here to become a victim of the Klan.

That might be progress.

Anyway, my anti-black meter has risen 50% and if I see anymore blacks wearing anything with a Confederate flag I will finish filling out my application to join the Nazi Party of America and mail it.

How's that walking cadaver that your friends with, Jean Chretien?

I heard that you got on a plane with him and he said that the era of men sexually harassing women is over.

There was nothing forcing boys in elementary school in the 1980s to make friends with minorities. It was usually the poorest boys who made friends with them first.

If you were a factory worker in Kitchener, Ontario in 1990 who sexually harassed a woman you'd get fired.

It all gets taken out on poor people: That should be a slogan for the the Liberal Party.

If you could do me a favor the next time you see Jean throw some holy water on him to see if he melts like the Wicked Witch of the West.

In other news I didn't think I was gay until the Southern Poverty Law Center released their list of the hottest Alt-Right killers. Just check out Samuel Woodward...

I have the SPLC on the phone right now. I'm telling them that I'm interested in preventing Hitler and the Holocaust of Jews as we flood the West with people from 3rd World shitholes that still have human slavery. Could you do a topless calendar of Alt-Right killers to prevent Nazis and the Hitler from happening again? Please?