Accidently Gassing Richard Simmons To Death With Zyklon-B

When you were in high school you only had 1 to 3 friends at any given time.

Let's say you did something stupid when you were 17: You went out one night and had a few beers and accidently gassed Richard Simmons to death with Zykon-B...

Some cops will be like, "Kids will be kids," and look the other way if you accidently gas Richard Simmons to death with Zyklon-B. But some of the older cops still frown on that sort of thing.

If you're running from the cops you should have 1 to 3 friends where you can just show up at their house at 3AM and throw stones at their window and tell them that your running from the police because you accidently gassed Richard Simmons with Zyklon-B: Can I hide out in your basement and play Nintendo until this all blows over?

And anther thing. I argued with people on Reddit. I said going to school with Asians it became apparent that girls are only attracted to skinny, perfect-looking boys with bright hair or blue eyes.

When I said that I freckled and girls hated me I was internationally panned by losers who think they were bestfriends with girls in grades 2 and 3.

So you know what? I take it back. When a girl was attracted to me in grade 1 it went on for the next 100 years like in the movie the Princes Bride.

The reason high school yearbooks were in black and white...

Is because if everyone in your grade 3 class liked you you must have looked like this...