Are White People A Bunch Of Pedophiles?

It happened a few months ago.

I dressed up like Dr. Evil and went on Twitter to do my Alt-Right thing. I started typing in that I wanted to takeover the entire world and kill everyone who doesn't have blond hair and blue eyes.

Then somebody tweeted back to me: "Yeah right, hockey coach: How many kids did you molest in the 1980s?"

I've also received messages from a couple black guys on Reddit about white people's history of child rape.

It's informative because that's probably what they learn in school today.

AIDS created a lot of homophobia and we unlearned racism by exaggerating and making stuff up about Adolf Hitler.

People didn't believe in gay marriage in the 1990s and 2004. They believed in registering sex offenders.

I'm from Waterloo Region in Ontario, Canada. How many rapist coaches were there here in the 1980s? Exactly how many kids were abducted by strange men in vans in Waterloo Region?

Who has a problem with pedophilia? Is it Ontario in the 1980s or South Africa, India, and Pakistan today?

In 1990 you could have watched Geraldo everyday. He'd teach you about satanic pedophile cults and also Nazis.

Would somebody remind me for later that after I get elected Hitler of Canada to put Geraldo in a concentration camp and then, if the British attack with their giant death bombers, gas him to death with Zyklon-B?