Translating Jay Fayza

Translation: "When I was in grade 1 I was infatuated with a redheaded boy. Up until I saw him playing with a girl. Boys who like girls were pretty icky. Then I was boyfriends with this guy...

until I got sick and tired of him. Then I was friends with the best-looking blond guy in class because, since we're darkening the population, there was only a 100% chance that he'd befriend a pretty girl and boys who like girls in grade 3 have to sit at the back of the school bus with the black kid.

Asians and these guys...

didn't even start talking to me until grade 4. But with all of the Asians being attracted to this boy...

that pushed him into being bestfriends with me by grade 5.

Girls really hated me in grades 1 to 3 so I'm lucky nobody remembers those years all that well. And I'm lucky alot of girls start dating the boys that they had hated by junior high school. Ha. Ha. Ha.

The Holocaust was important in teaching girls that boys that look like Justin Bieber and Charlie Sheen who have A-averages make friends with cool, heterosexual blacks in grade 3 because they don't. It's really the girls who were racist in grade 3.

Now it's important for you to understand that black kids are attracted to other black kids as we continue to flood Ontario with the 3rd World so that we can all come here and become victims of the KKK and Adolf Hitler."

Pearl Jam's Jeremy, who shot himself in front of his grade
10 English class when rap music suddenly went