The Racist Airheads That Call Themselves Women

By the time I got to high school women thought that boys that look like this

who had A-averages made friends with minorities in elementary school because they don't.

I harassed Warren Kinsella on the internet. And he didn't sue me because he believed what I was saying was true.

I have red hair and went to school in the 1980s. My classes were funny growing up. I went to school with 1rst generation Asians which changed the way that the kids socialized.

Girls in grades 1 to 3 are only attracted to boys with bright hair or blue eyes. By grade 3 I didn't have any friends: Boys that play with girls aren't popular.

So they put a black girl in my class.

Maybe she was just there for 3 weeks but I hung around with her all the time. That left the other kids disturbed.

What people remember of grade 3 is often contrived. By grade 4 when the other kids started to tolerate me they had forgotten I had been friends with a black girl.

By high school people reverted back into childhood: After having been racist and homophobic all they had to do to be moral was to like cool black people and decide that Hitler was bad.

People think that they unlearn racism by going on and on about Hitler while flooding the country with the vibrancy of the 3rd World.

Instead much happens on a subconscious level.

People perceived the first kids to make friends with minorities to be racist.

Over three years ago I told Warren Kinsella that normal looking guys...

Sat in class with beautiful women and on a subconscious-level thought that all of the girls liked them.

Then I argued with people on Reddit and I found that it happened on a conscious-level.

The idea that girls are disgusted with boys in grades 1 to 3 is a pretty crazy conspiracy theory to many.

So now I will blog about something that happened recently...

I was in a drug store.

There was Muslim woman and her son standing in line in front of me. Her son wanted her to by him something. She said excuse me and got out of line.

I continued to stand in line looking at the magazine covers.

I have peripheral vision: There's a white woman standing in line behind me. She started smiling and nodding her head at the Muslim kid.

I continued to look at the magazine covers. After smiling at the boy for 20 seconds she turned to me and scowled for a couple seconds.

I hadn't done anything. Maybe I should have started glaring at the kid so that the woman could feel good about herself.

AIDS created a lot of homophobia and what was important to the gay rights movement is that women had contempt for who had made friends with minorities in elementary school.

Girls at my high school would rather go out with...

Some people rode a high in the 1990s because they
had no black friends in grade 3.

rather than the boys they had liked or tormented in grade 3.

There was a lot of terrorism in the 1980s which went away with the start of a new decade. When the movie, 'Schindler's List,' was in theaters it was white people doing terrorism.

Many kids watched 5 hours of TV a day in the 1980s.

Is this what happens when the boys who had watched, 'The
A-Team everyday and the movie, 'Red Dawn,' grew up?

In the 1980s I don't think Spielberg's movies...

Caused little girls to like South Asians and Sikhs much.

After being overly critical of what boys looked like in elementary school by high school we unlearned racism by exaggerating and making stuff up about Hitler and women started paying it forward and backwards and teen LGBT was born: