Sexy Pics Of Some Of The SPLC's Alt-Right Hate Killers!

Here's the SPLC's FULL LIST.

Dylan Roof in happier times

White nationalist James Fields has a Jewish mother

Devon Arthurs converted to Islam before
killing his Neo Nazi friends

Elliot Rodger isn't white.

Christopher Harper-Mercer isn't white.

Jeremy Christian

Samuel Woodward

Sean Urbanski

When I was in high school, when we unlearned racism by going on and on about Hitler and Nazis, these guys would have done pretty good for themselves sitting in class with beautiful blond women and South Asian guys who felt genetically related to them.

As people watched blacks on TV my school kept most of them in remedial.

The Southern Poverty Law Center should do a study on how many people they killed since when they began flooding the country with people from racist 3rd World shitholes that still have human slavery so that they could come here and become victims of Adolf Hitler.

SPLC Admitting That Immigration To Replace Whites Was Planned...

"...Because people thought that they saw the shift in demographics happening if they clamped down on or limited immigration entirely you can change the demographics but you can't BECAUSE THESE THINGS HAVE BEEN PLANNED FOR A WHILE..."