I Was Banned From r/AskHSteacher

What you need to know:

-If Jian Ghomeshi had gone to my high school in the 1990s all of his friends would have been white. The school boards hadn't invented POC yet.

-By high school he would have forgotten having been friends with boys who looked like Pearl Jam's Jeremy.

-Also by high school the girls in his classes will have stopped telling Ghomeshi how ugly he is. Exaggerating and making stuff up about Hitler is important in teaching males that girls liked them in grade 3.

-Ghomeshi could sit in class with beautiful women and feel genetically related to many of the guys from the SPLC's Alt-Right killer list...

-Both Gomeshi and the normal-looking white guys would be more interested in what white guy was gay.

-And thus the school boards worked with Hollywood to create the idea that when you invigorate Ontario, Canada with mass 3rd World immigration everything breaks free and it becomes OK to be gay.

After more than a year of asking high school teachers about the severe amount of brainwashing that took place in order to achieve population replacement, I got banned from r/AskHSteacher.

I did not see that coming.