Another Crazed Trump Supporter Goes On Shooting Spree

If only Americans had elected female Bill Clinton there
would be a lot less shootings.

On February 10th gunman Joseph Nickell killed four people and then himself in Johnson County, Kentucky.

The victims were apparently his parents and his girlfriend and one of her parents. reports that Nickell's Facebook profile image was of an Israeli flag.

Online he voiced his Christian beliefs and had disdain for Muslims.

He had a sister who died recently.

Rebekah Nickell

In May of 2017 she was arrested for drugs and public intoxication and by August she was dead.

While the leftist media blames the right, I blame the breakdown of developmental psychology which occurred as we flooded the country from the 3rd World and went on and on about Hitler to unlearn racism.

"I'm a white male who fits in. As my race dies off I'll put the flag 
of Israel on my profile and learn about the time Adolf Hitler
tried to takeover the entire world and kill everyone
who doesn't have blond hair and blue eyes."

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