Your Son Is A Velociraptor, Now!

The transgender agenda has hit elementary schools hard.

The school boards would like to see more working-class boys come to class in dresses to stimulate the minds of the Syrian refugee kids into university.

I find the media attention sexually confused 8-year-olds have received problematic.

And ignorant.

Ignorant in ignoring the needs of other children.

Like little Billy Carlson...

who went to school with dreams of becoming a velociraptor or possibly some kind of giant robot. But now his dreams have been dashed by a Cultural Marxist agenda interested in promoting the idea of sexually confused boys in grade 3.

After being made fun of by girls Jimmy Douglas...

scared them by eating bugs. Now he also wants to be a velociraptor or some kind of giant robot.

Is there a letter in the LGBT alphabet...

that represents the needs of  these marginalized boys?

Why does the main stream media continue to ignore their plight?

At Alt-Right Canada we care:

We're not just about taking over the entire world and killing everyone who doesn't have blond hair and blue eyes. Like Adolf Hitler or Dr. Evil.

Or Jordan Peterson.

There will never be a rainbow or a parade for boys that want to be a velociraptor or some kind of giant robot.