You Thought That 500 People Were Gay When You Were Growing Up

I've been called a, 'Pedo' arguing with people on Reddit.

Which is mean.

And it was just for saying that in elementary school boys would rather be friends with

than this boy:

Don't look now but as people sit at home drinking hard liquor and worrying about pedos, the entire nation of Japan is in love with Trump's son...

After arguing with people on Reddit I saw the extent of brainwashing that had taken place.

You do realize that boys in elementary school are basically openly attracted to each other?

The educators who brainwashed you into population replacement saw you acting like a bunch of fags when you were 9.

Is Holocaust studies still about convincing people that normal looking boys from wealthier families made friends with minorities in grade 3?

A lot of people rode a high in the 1990s.

You thought that 500 people were gay when you grew up.

If Charlize Theron

were to address a grade 2 class and say: "Hi kids: My name is Ms. Poopyhead. I live in a dumpster in an alleyway," the children would laugh and clap their hands.

But if Harvey Weinstein

were to say to the same class: "Hi kids: My name is Mr. Poopyhead. I live in a dumpster in an alleyway," the children would scream in terror and run away.

Somehow kids have the intuition to know that Weinstein is a pervert based on the way that he looks.

This is what heterosexuals looked like in elementary school...

Are schools still working students up by exaggerating and making stuff up about Hitler so that we can end racism by having contempt for those who had made friends with minorities first? the country is flooded with people from racist 3rd World shitholes that still have human slavery?